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Wandering Thoughts

My entry for Creative Cebu Exhibit.

Artwork by Darlene Sanguenza

Artwork by: Darlene Sanguenza


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happy halloween!

Boo! Did I scare you?

Presenting my pink monster illustration. His name is “3 Eyed Magenta
Forager”. To view more 50 cute monster illustrations click here.

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art portals

To all art enthusiasts who love to hop websites for inspirations.

I’m sharing you my favorite art portals. See links below;). Enjoy!

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portrait of sarah michelle gellar

Charcoal Portrait

Artwork by Darlene Sanguenza Copyright 2008 ©

I’ve scanned my portfolio compilation and found this charcoal illustration of Sarah Michelle Gellar. This is one of my favorite art piece, how I wish to do more hand drawn artworks coz I’m more into digital nowadays.


shoe fetish

🙂 getting bored on our dept meeting… doodling made my mind occupied..& there’s fun out of it…. cute girl

shoe fetish

Click here to download
Vector Illustration : Darlene Sanguenza Copyright ©