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13 thoughts on “Somebody Steal my Tarsier Artwork for Shie Corporation Icon/Logo Contest

  1. I’ve just read your message and then all the other blog posts about this.
    One thing is I cannot understand? Why not reveal the name of this guy? You should totally contact the organizers of this competition and ask them to take away the prize from this guy.

    You know, I feel somehow related to this – as a fan of your image.

    You know, there is a flower picture on my blog, for which I was asked many times from different people as if it could be used for a tattoo… I always said yes, only asked to see the result, and nobody bothered to show it.
    And if this is totally okay with me, I would feel very bad if I knew that somebody is using my artwork for own profit. Sad thing is, in most cases you would never know about the robbery.

    But in this case you know and you can do something. Wish you luck, Darlene.

  2. i’m gonna blog this.. grabeha gud niya!.. o

  3. DARL!!! i just visited his multiply site, so that’s the guy,hmmm…he should stick to photography,and not try to trace someone else illustration if he doesn’t know how to make a simple drawing of a tarsier,even a 4 year old could make his own original drawing,for crying out loud he’s a grown up, he should be responsible for his actions,now his reputation is ruined cuz of his own greediness,may BAD KARMA be with this moron!!!

  4. its unfair to those who join the logo contest.

  5. Darlene… Is there any progress with this case?

  6. We should bring him back to high school and teach him the right
    values education.

  7. And congratulations for clinching the 11th PWA! I sooo love your artwork, your blog and your site. One of these days, I’m going to steal your work (but I promise to give you the prize). Just kidding — about giving you the prize! Hehehe.

  8. wow! you’re a boholana! same here…

    your artworks are really great and i love ’em.

    it’s so terrible that this guy stole your tarsier drawing.. you should have him reported in the contest he joined in..

    good luck in this case … he should have his BAD KARMA sooner than he thinks.

  9. that’s ripping. Kahit pa bigyan ka nya ng half the price. Stealing padin yun and pwede sya makulong. err. Goodluck po dyan. 🙂
    Sana masolve na.

  10. ahehehehehe… yeah, file a case against the criminal… I really love your designs… please feel free to visit my blog… I am not talented to do designs like yours… aheheheheh i think i should learn how to use illustrator… vg

  11. oh my.. this is a very sad story for graphic designers like us.. at kababayan pa natin ang gumawa sau nito.. tsk,tsk..

  12. Even if he gives you half of the prize money… it still isn’t right! So what happened? anyway good luck with your designs… really love the stuff you have..

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