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A call for help, please save our forest! Let us plant more trees.


Copyright: Darlene Sanguenza


Author: Darlene Sanguenza-Cano

I'm DarleneSanguenza-Cano a full time Mom and a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator by profession based in Bohol Island,Philippines.

3 thoughts on “Reforestation

  1. Reforestation is a noble cause but careful consideration needs to be given to which species you select for reforestation. Some species like teak cause more damage to the environment than native species. But, native species take as much as 25 years to grow.

    A plausible alternative is paulownia, the fastest growing hardwood tree in the world. Paulownia has excellent regenerative powers for the environment and creates quick sources of renewable income for peoples of extreme poverty.

    For more information on paulownia you may refer to

  2. Wow just for the birds song and there will be a reforestation.

  3. Let’s help save the environment… plant more trees 🙂

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